Fiber is an ancient medium instrumental in the maintenance of life.  Utilized for thousands of years architecturally, domestically and industrially it also serves as a medium of expression for artists.

A beautiful, hand knit sweater or an oriental carpet are familiar examples of fiber art. Utilitarian ropes, nets and baskets would also fit the category as well as realistic or abstract tapestries. Today, astounding arrays of flexible materials are considered “fiber” and when knotted, woven, looped, coiled or braided the results are dramatic.


Fiber is durable. Linen, wool and cotton are surprisingly strong, flexible and, in some cases, flame retardant. Fiber pieces can be washed, vacuumed or “dusted” with compressed air. Unlike less forgiving mediums, fiber art can often be repaired if damaged which protects your investment. Care should be taken, when designing works in fiber, to protect them from destructive light and toxic processing procedures.


Fiber adds a richness of color and texture to artwork. It is subtle and seductive. Engaging.


Examples of Judith’s fiber art…….click on image






Snow White


Side Part with Bangs




Buffalo Head


Eddie's Wheels








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